Permalink Don’t fly too far away, mon ami…
Permalink A purple home with Wisteria, in London? Wow! I’d love it!!
Permalink The truth… And it hurts… I have a tale to tell… As Madonna said. Thinking of you. Counting my blessings. Torn. Yet thankful. In a confused place… May the fog fade, as time heals… They say it does… Over half my life, and it hasn’t. But I am in a great place. Thank you God. I guess you took me away from something that wasn’t meant to be… And I have been thriving. And healing is happening. Slowly, surely, with a little help from many lovely things. I can only seek beauty, as it is my solace. As are those who give me love. And you, from afar, perhaps… I hope. And say that little prayer for you always. Come back my butterfly, even if for a fleeting moment. Let me know that you have space for me in your heart… Always…
Permalink Indeed… And the love I seek certainly seeks me from near and afar… Blessed
Permalink Diversify, be amazing, reach out!!
Permalink So beautiful. Let a God lead and spread love and joy… Purpose & passion!!
Permalink Rolls Royce Fenice Milano Purple Ghost. For the weddings, shows, rainy days and trips out of our radius, with a chauffeur please… :-)

This ultimate Ghost will get a dark purple finish!!
Permalink Gorgeous Ganesha Guide G who is eternally grateful! :-)
Permalink I LOVE!!! :-)
Permalink Ahhh, the long flowing thick glossy hair and hourglass figure - I need to bring my Pocohontas back! :-)
Permalink Excited to take part again, and be a part of the Alchemy family! :-)
Permalink May the relationship grow, evolve and flourish! :-)
Permalink A fab view of London, love river views… One day… :-)
Permalink It’s all love! :-)
Permalink I’m in love! :-) And it’s purple too… :-D