Permalink June is gone, July is flowing and August is to come - what will be will be! Blessed by the journey!
Permalink Oh colourful Ganesha, please lead the way! :-)
Permalink Amen!!!
Permalink Amen!! :-)
Permalink A melancholy in my soul, that I’ve carried for more than half my life… I cannot shake you off, but I can accept and keep moving forward. Thank you God, for the pain that gives me creativity and the love that hold me together.
Permalink Gorgeous Ganesha! please guide! protect and bless me. And extend the love to all the good people.
Permalink May love always lead the way!!
Permalink O gorgeous Ganesha, guide me please. :-)
Permalink Paradise? Time for a trip with a view… Late Summer. I pray. :-)
Permalink Yummy chicken 65 lollipops at Roti Chai… And more… It begins soon! :-)
Permalink Jaume Plensa - amazing musical note man… Place Vendome… Wish I’d been there to see this… Maybe one day… Hope…
Permalink So super blessed, yet around this time of year in particular, I feel those tugs at my heart… Those pangs that I should not experience given the true blessings I have and am so grateful for… One day, the story will leave me, onto a mass medium, and resonate with many… this I feel will happen…
Permalink Don’t fly too far away, mon ami…