Permalink Yep… And I feel the pain, more often than you’ll ever know… Perhaps a battle with myself, for eternity. All these years and I’ve not found a way out of my heart… Sigh… Need to channel the emotion into creativity.
Permalink By God’s grace… Soonest! :-)
Permalink I pray to seek right…
Permalink Wow, a Ganesha within a Hamza. Double protection!
Permalink Wanderlust… Let’s fly…
Permalink Health, energy, glowing skin, hair and flexibility…
Permalink So beautiful, O abundant one. Guide us, please.
Permalink June is gone, July is flowing and August is to come - what will be will be! Blessed by the journey!
Permalink Oh colourful Ganesha, please lead the way! :-)
Permalink Amen!!!
Permalink Amen!! :-)
Permalink A melancholy in my soul, that I’ve carried for more than half my life… I cannot shake you off, but I can accept and keep moving forward. Thank you God, for the pain that gives me creativity and the love that hold me together.
Permalink Gorgeous Ganesha! please guide! protect and bless me. And extend the love to all the good people.
Permalink May love always lead the way!!