Permalink I’m in love! :-) And it’s purple too… :-D
Permalink It’s all love… :-)
Permalink Amazing Ganesha, please lead the way, this Tamil new year. Change is in the air. May new doors filled with blessings, open forth :-) Thank youuuuuu
Permalink So true! Work silently, let success do the talking!! May God always lead the way. :-) Thankful. So blessed.
Permalink Love my city! But also looking forward to flying out again, by God’s divine grace. Stronger, better, blessed!! :-)
Permalink For you, my butterfly. Always in my thoughts. Bless.
Permalink Welcome welcome! May you bless us with all good things!
Permalink Oh my… I want a ride in this, on the autobahn with a certain someone, just to reminisce on the old days… It must have been love… But it’s over now… Blessed to have so many loves in my life.
Permalink Some things are not meant to be kept. Sometimes love ain’t enough to make him stay. There are things in this world that would be better of to let go than to keep. There are people on this world the belongs to someone else, not you and not me. Loving someone does not also mean forever or together. Love sometimes is not enough to make keep him close. There are people whom you have to let go in order to find the real one you have to cherish forever. And, letting go does not always mean end. Sometimes it’s another way of fate telling us that there is someone you’re about to meet who will never ever let go. Letting go is not always sad, it’s a chance to hold on to someone new, hold on to something or someone worth holding to. 
Permalink The way to fly!! :-)
Permalink Gorgeous musical Ganesha. Bless us all and guide us please. :-)
Permalink It’s all about love… :-)
Permalink Love it there… :-) And this year’s Valentines memory too… Blessed
Permalink To enjoy after a crazy working week. God willing… :-)
Permalink So true…