Permalink We need a tropical trip away!! :-)
Permalink Paradise? Time for a trip with a view… Late Summer. I pray. :-)
Permalink Fly me Way, in style, oh Lord. :-)
Permalink This is what I need!!! :-)
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ABCaribbean: Antigua and Barbuda
Lord Nelson’s Sunset
Permalink An island, sunshine and a get away - much needed!! :-)
Permalink I wanna go to Menjangen Island, Bali, Indonesia and see the island Ganesha :-)
Permalink So much to inspire. Need a break to enjoy and be inspired. Let’s fly! :-)
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The World - Luxury Residences at Sea

Residents get to wake up/ fall asleep to different spectacular views everyday
Permalink Must go here!! :-)
Permalink Hawaii - take me there!!
Permalink Wanna escape there… God lead the way.
Permalink Wow wow wow. Let’s go!!
Permalink Wanna feel warm water between my toes. Soon. Please…
Permalink Take me there, Oko mi - let’s go!!