Permalink Rolls Royce Fenice Milano Purple Ghost. For the weddings, shows, rainy days and trips out of our radius, with a chauffeur please… :-)

This ultimate Ghost will get a dark purple finish!!
Permalink The truth!!
Permalink Aogashima Island, Japan - wow. I’d love to go here…
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The World - Luxury Residences at Sea

Residents get to wake up/ fall asleep to different spectacular views everyday
Permalink Love this. A dream wardrobe! :-D
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Permalink Need to find the goodness… God please lead the way…
Permalink I’ll meet you there…
Permalink Chasing…
Permalink I will…
Permalink The best gif!!
Permalink Gorgeous :-) I’d love a bit of such serenity this year :-)
Permalink Dream. Love. Live
Permalink Dream big. Live simple. Work hard. Love life.