Permalink Stunning eyes for this year and beyond. Must master this! :-)
Permalink I’m in love! :-) And it’s purple too… :-D
Permalink Beautiful Chi town beach!
Permalink Grace - beautiful food… Chi town!! :-)
Permalink To enjoy after a crazy working week. God willing… :-)
Permalink Work, passion, beautiful couple!
Permalink Stunning macaron!!
Permalink Just wow! Vibrant. Colourful. Joyous!
Permalink So beautiful! :-)
Permalink Tropical bliss - I need me some…
Permalink Ahh, to be back in Cancun!! :-)
Permalink An old favourite. Nostalgia time! :-)
Permalink Thank you God for giving me long hair. Thank you for helping it stay healthy even with my challenges. Thank you for allowing it to connect me with that lovely conservatoire lady, who loved it. Feeling super blessed.  :-) Long may it continue. I will work on being fit and healthy. :-)
Permalink WOW just WOW!!

Ganesha/Ganapathi - by Mavis Gewant
Guide my path, oh Lord Ganesha :-)