Permalink Chettinad food on a banana leaf - just wow!
Permalink Yummy yummy scallops! :-)
Permalink O sweet Ganesha, please guide me. :-)
Permalink It’s all love, baby!! :-)
Permalink Autumn is here! What a spectacular year it’s been! And the radio fun begins at Diwali! :-) Blessed
Permalink Super blessed!! Thank you God!!!
Permalink Ganesha chathurti aka Vinayaga chaturthi - oh lord Ganesha, please protect  and guide, as you always do! Thank youuuuu
Permalink Really fancy a bit of this!
Permalink Super cute Vishnu!
Permalink It’s all about perseverance! :-)
Permalink On Goddess, let abundance flow in our purposeful lives! :-)
Permalink May the abundance flow… :-)
Permalink I feel like I need some purple cauliflower! Fried! :-) Must seek!
Permalink Need to have these, regularly!!
Permalink Foot massage foot massage!! :-)