Permalink Oh to go to Bali one day, and glimpse this beautiful Goddess Saraswathi. I need your wisdom right about now  beautiful one. Saraswathi namastuthe saarathavidhyaapadhe.
Permalink Protection, abundance, love…
Permalink A reason why I must stay far far away… Life has led us apart…
Permalink So so so grateful! :-)
Permalink Can’t wait to eat idlis again! Yum!!
Permalink Sprinkling of blessings and abundance, from gorgeous Ganesha!
Permalink What a combo in I!!
Permalink Vijay, AR Murugadoss - looking slick! This Diwali, is Kaththi!!
Permalink Been too long! A biryani is just what I need. Comfort food!!
Permalink Please guide and protect me, O dancing Nadaraja. Thank youuuuu
Permalink Flexibility and health! Let’s go!!
Permalink Oh so amazing!!
Permalink Will miss Zurich, but am looking forward to a new adventure of creativity and abundance in my city!! Blessed break! :-)
Permalink Love love love